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DocuWare: Well-Encrypted is Half the Battle

Even Julius Caesar, renowned leader in ancient Rome, protected his correspondence with the help of encryption. It was pretty rudimentary, but good ... Read more

The DocuWare Vocabulary

File cabinets, document trays or index fields – if you are new to DocuWare, it’s helpful to know some key terminology. This will help you get started ... Read more

Feel Better: Managing and Recording Sick Leave Reports

Employees who miss a work day due to illness must inform their employer immediately and based on the company’s employee handbook may need to provide ... Read more

Searching Multiple File Cabinets at Once

You’re looking for a document, but aren’t sure in which file cabinet it might be stored? Or you are looking for documents about a certain topic, ... Read more

Setting Up a Backup Plan for Vacation

Finally...vacation! With DocuWare‘s features for assigning substitutes, you can ensure that tasks are tackled by your colleagues during your absence. ... Read more

FAQs: Working with Annotation Layers

Many archived documents, such as invoices or tax documents, may not be altered in any way. To keep the original document intact yet be able to add ... Read more

Easily Add Cost Centers to Forms

Purchase order forms always have a field for the cost center, which is used for the payment process. DocuWare provides a useful feature to help you ... Read more

Away We Go! Vacation Requests Made Easy

No matter whether it’s for a holiday, training or business travel: web forms are ideal for quickly applying for and approving travel/vacation ... Read more

Workflow Forms: Embedding Links to Other Applications

When you work with task forms, you can shorten your processes by linking directly to other applications or files. For example, with a workflow for ... Read more

Tidy Up your File Cabinet – with Index Cleaner

Different spellings for the same index term making you crazy? DocuWare's Index Cleaner helps clean up all your entries that might have different ... Read more

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