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DocuWare Workflow Manager

Your company runs on processes. Sales, HR, finance and others require fluid, reliable transfer of information to make the right decisions at the right time.

When processes like order management, employee onboarding and invoice approval can be designed for your precise needs and automated to remove wasted time, your entire team unlocks a new pace of productivity.

A simple tool for sophisticated business

This is an invoice processing workflow based on common business rules. The graphical editor makes it easy to create sophisticated workflows: simply drag and drop the individual elements in the flowchart. No programming necessary.

DocuWare Workflow Manager is a tool within DocuWare that enables you to design automation workflows with a simple, intuitive, drag ’n’ drop interface.

Identify the steps of a process, then connect them with actions. These actions can be automated based on business rules or decision points for an employee. These workflows are fully customisable at any point to optimise the flow of information through your team.

A workflow controller oversees all tasks of all users and can intervene at any time. Also, a workflow history shows which decisions were made by which users within a workflow.

Control every detail that matters

DocuWare Workflow Manager empowers you to set up precise rules for handling documents, information and decisions with deep levels of control and transparency. For example:

  • Assign tasks to either specific employees or general roles
  • Specify substitution rules when a colleague is out of the office
  • Use stamps and data fields to initiate next steps and add context to a document
  • Leverage metadata to automatically route documents into the right queue
  • Define the triggers that launch a workflow, such as submitting a web form, adding a certain document type like an invoice to a file cabinet, changing a document‘s status or when a certain due date has arrived

Every employee involved in a workflow sees their tasks directly in the DocuWare client with special task lists. Email can also be used for new task updates. At a glance, you will see what steps are complete and what tasks remain.

Clear task assignments

All pending workflow tasks are shown in lists that update automatically

Mobile access

Handy for checking off tasks while on the go

Automatic escalations

Define deadlines for tasks and determine what happens when they are exceeded

Substitution rules

Assign tasks to the next available employee in a team instead of a specific person

How to start using DocuWare Workflow Manager


The complete DocuWare Workflow Manager is a standard part of every DocuWare Cloud license. DocuWare Cloud also includes Intelligent Indexing, Forms and other key modules.


If you are using DocuWare as an on-premises system, Workflow Manager is available as an add-on module.

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