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DocuWare Product News

Work Smarter with Real-Time Collaborative Edits

Unlock enhanced document management capabilities with DocuWare’s Edit in Office for the web feature. Leverage the DocuWare platform to directly ... Read more

Quick approvals and confirmation with ad-hoc workflows

Do you need to approve or confirm a document? The "Send request" function in DocuWare is ideal for coordinating decisions in the short term and ... Read more

Focus: Ease of use and security

With Release 7.10, you can conveniently scroll through multi-page documents using the mouse wheel and save valuable time thanks to automatic form ... Read more

DocuWare docXporter: New way to export

With docXporter, you can automatically export documents, index data or both from DocuWare file cabinets to your file system. It’s used, for example, ... Read more

Digital forms make handovers & sign-offs easy

Handover or sign-off protocols are common in many types of businesses and inudstries. You’ll see them when renting a car or apartment. Or during ... Read more

New API connection, a plus for Workflow Designer

A posted incoming invoice should automatically receive the "Paid" stamp in DocuWare. Or you want to dynamically assign access rights to other ... Read more

DocuWare storageRobot: The new module for special import cases

Many ERP and merchandise management systems generate outgoing documents, journals and lists as finished files that are to be saved in various formats ... Read more

7 Ways to Save Time with Drag & Drop in DocuWare

Drag and drop is an intuitive way to move files from one place to another using your mouse. In DocuWare, you can also easily drag and drop documents ... Read more

From AD to DocuWare: Master user synchronization with ease

By linking your user directory from Active Directory to DocuWare, you can avoid duplicate user administration. Our answers to the most frequently ... Read more

How workflow automation supports electronic invoice exchange and e-reporting

More and more countries are requiring that companies exchange invoices electronically and have introduced reporting systems by which invoice data ... Read more

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