Process transparency

Digitization with DocuWare stands for traceability and 100% transparency. Thanks to detailed logging and analysis of all actions, you always have full control over document versions, changes and processes. Manage your operations digitally and automatedly using workflows, allowing your employees to work in a timely and transparent manner without processes coming to nothing.

Confidentiality through access control

Access to documents and workflow information in DocuWare is based on a complex permissions structure. This way, you can manage and control which employees receive which permissions for reading, saving, processing, exporting, editing or even deleting data. As a result, you can organize all your operations in a way that keeps your data and documents confidential and protected. You verify the integrity of important documents in the workflow with legally valid electronic signatures.

Emergency recovery and performance

Natural disasters or other crises can happen anywhere, any time, and even the most secure data center can be affected. That is why having reserve copies of data at other centers is essential to companies. Ensure your business continuity with redundant data backups saved multiple times, thanks to which all of your documents and information can be made available again in no time. At peak times when your business is being put through its paces and many employees are working on a great number of tasks at the same time, DocuWare scales automatically, all while performing at the same high standard.


Bring clarity and continuity to your business processes with DocuWare. Fulfill legal requirements or industry regulations as well as internal security standards. Whether it be HIPAA, SOX, NIST, GDPR, CSA, SOC, or other guidelines—DocuWare makes it simple to achieve compliance for all document-based processes, and also subjects itself to all the important audits on a regular basis. Learn more about DocuWare’s certifications.