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Automated task management

Use modern automation software to create and complete detailed task assignments with customizable email notifications.

Clearly structure your daily work tasks

In the DocuWare Client's List area, the number of documents to be processed is clearly marked with colored icons

Even when cross-departmental processes are precisely organized, smaller tasks are often performed on the side. Avoid losing track of assignments when you use DocuWare automation capabilities to manage routine tasks.

In lists, you can see your tasks conveniently bundled. For example, reviewing new contracts or reading important HR documents.

Lists are automatically updated. Documents that no longer meet the criteria are dropped. New, suitable documents are displayed immediately.

Set up email notifications when relevant documents become available (such as the latest payroll), or prompt colleagues to review and edit a document.

Email notifications are completely automated. As soon as a document meets the criteria, the mail is sent with a direct link for review and editing.

Complete small tasks with huge efficiency

Lists and automatic notifications organize your day-to-day office work. Some examples:

  • Matching order and delivery. The purchasing department orders office furniture. With the delivery, the director automatically receives an email with a link to the archived delivery note. She compares it with the order before the furniture is distributed to the departments.
  • Notify all at once. Architectural drawings for the new office plan have been changed. All employees involved are notified by email that new plans exist.
  • React promptly. New applicant resumés are displayed in the HR professionals list for rapid review and response.
  • Never miss a deadline. In order to renegotiate or cancel contracts of service providers or providers, they are automatically displayed in the list in good time before the end of the term.

  •  Access documents without searching. Price lists, contract templates, and many other documents change again and again. To ensure that you always have the correct versions at hand, even without a search, you can create lists for frequently used documents.

Always in sight

Nothing is left lying around: current tasks are displayed automatically and clearly.


Fast access

Save the link to a task list right on your desktop and open it in DocuWare with one click.


Time control

Define when and how often you want to be notified about new documents and upcoming tasks.


Quickly done

Edit documents with DocuWare tools and watch them disappear automatically from the list.

How to start managing your tasks efficiently


Lists and email notifications are part of every DocuWare Cloud license. DocuWare Cloud also includes Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager and other useful modules.


In a DocuWare on-premises system, you can use lists and email notifications with a Task Manager license.

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