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The right place to find answers

The right place to find answers

Regardless of whether you use DocuWare as a cloud or on-premises solution, if something doesn't work as expected, help is just a mouse click away. Organized by various topics, you'll find several options for quickly answering your questions – and always keep things running smoothly and ultra-efficiently. 
General questions

General questions on using or configuring DocuWare

Knowledge Center

Questions about Preconfigured Solutions

Questions about using Preconfigured Solutions

How-to Portal

Error messages or problems

Addressing error messages or problems

Knowledge Base

Business-critical issues

Business-critical issues and all other questions

Business-critical issues: 24/5 Support
Other support questions: Support Portal

Integration and DocuWare Community

Questions on connecting other software products

DocuWare Community

Specific configuration questions

Specific questions about your own configuration

DocuWare Direct Customers: Support Portal
Customers of Authorized DocuWare Partners: Contact your sales partner

Support options summary

Depending on the issue or question, there are several options for finding answers. In addition to the quick start above, here’s a look at each support portal.



General questions about DocuWare
For general questions on using or configuring DocuWare

In DocuWare‘s Knowledge Center - its core information platform - DocuWare beginners and professionals will find plenty of useful information for their daily work with DocuWare and configuration of the system. For example, new users can get an introduction to the basic functions of digital document management, while advanced users will find ways to optimize their use, such as how to customize the Viewer toolbar. And for administrators, all of the configuration options are explained in depth.

Also found here: news about the latest releases and several technical white papers for a deep product dive.


Preconfigured Solutions
Questions about using Preconfigured Solutions

In case questions arise in the course of using your Preconfigured Solutions, we have prepared special how-tos. Learn how to make the most of your solution.


Error messages or problems
In case of error messages or problems

In the Knowledge Base of the Support Portal, you‘ll also find solutions or workarounds to known problems in hundreds of articles: from questions about administration and installation to information about individual DocuWare modules and integration of external components.


Business critical incidents
Help with business-critical incidents and all other questions

In the rare event of a business-critical issue, immediate troubleshooting is crucial. This is where 24/5 support comes in. Help is available 24 hours a day, every weekday, at no additional charge to all DocuWare Cloud and on-premises customers with a valid maintenance and support contract.

  • For full details, please visit the 24/5 Support Website.
  • Your 24/5 Support questions can be submitted quickly and easily via our Support Portal.
  • If you have questions about using DocuWare that doesn't fall into the above categories, our global DocuWare Support Team - made up of approximately 60 specialists - is always happy to help. Contact them on the Support Portal.


Integration of other software products
General questions on connecting other software products and communicating with other users

Ask the members of the DocuWare Community User Forum for assistance with application questions or technical problems. You‘ll also find the latest news from the Support Team. This forum is moderated by our support specialists.


Specific configuraton questions

Specific questions about your own configuration

When it comes to the details of your DocuWare system, it depends on who set up your solution:

  • If you are a DocuWare direct customer, please contact our Support Portal specialists directly.
  • If your DocuWare solution was configured by one of our Authorized DocuWare Partners, they will be better able to help you the fastest, since they know your specific situation and requirements.

Other helpful resources

Tutorial videos for our Preconfigured Solutions

Learn all the essentials on our preconfigured invoice processing solution in our tutorial on Invoice Processing.

Webinars for DocuWare Users

On a regular basis, DocuWare beginners and professionals get free tips and use cases for specific application scenarios on our YouTube Channel.

Webinars Overview

An overview of all current webinars on a wide variety of topics related to digitization and automation with DocuWare can always be found on our website.

Always stay up to date

DocuWare product blog
Product Blog

Read the latest tips and news about DocuWare software and get inspired by new applications and use cases.

UserInfo Newsletter
UserInfo Newsletter

Stay current with our monthly newsletter – exclusively produced for users.

Latest product related blog posts

Product News

Play an active role in shaping DocuWare

Play an active part in shaping DocuWare

Become a product tester

Test new DocuWare products and feature ideas for the future. Influence product development with your feedback. As a participant in the program, you'll gain access to new concepts and products for testing well before they are released.

Share ideas

Missing a feature in DocuWare or think it could be easier? Submit your ideas and vote on suggestions from other users. Our product team always keeps your input in mind as they develop new features and versions of DocuWare.



Specification sheet

Specification sheet

Configuring DocuWare for additional business processes

Would you like to expand your existing document management system or get even more out of DocuWare?

Take advantage of the of the in-depth knowledge of our professional services specialists to help you implement your very specific requirements.



Approval and trainings

Approval and trainings