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Document management software

How organizations use document management systems to digitize, archive and automate their most important business information.

Organizations — regardless of industry — process vast amounts of paper documents and digital documents. In fact, the average U.S. office worker alone uses 10,000 sheets of paper, annually. Apply this statistic to an organization of 100 or even 500 employees, and you quickly begin to appreciate the volume of documents moving through organizations.

These organizations usually perform best when they can capture, store, access, and manage documents with speed and efficiency. Without the hassle of cumbersome workflows. Without the difficulty of finding the information. Without the feeling that a file’s gone missing.

The chances are your organization's no different. You probably recognize the inefficiencies of managing all this paper, and that tedious manual processes are impacting productivity. You likely also acknowledge there’s a better way of handling and managing all these documents.

Perhaps you’ve already implemented a solution in your own business and are reaping the benefits? If not, it may be time to embrace a document management system. Read on to learn almost everything you need to know about document management and how it can help your business:

  1. What is document management software?
    The major functional components of DMS, including capture, storage, retrieval and more.
  2. Document management in the cloud
    Running a DMS as a SaaS application in the public cloud is a cost-effective option.
  3. The evolution from document management to content services
    The categorical differences between EFSS, ECM, content services and document management.
  4. The benefits of document management
    Beyond just reducing paper, a DMS offers information integration, security and more.
  5. Departments that benefit from document management
    Document-intensive departments like finance, HR and sales benefit from document management
  6. How to start with document management software
    The three major first steps as you explore document management with tips on interviewing vendors

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