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DocuWare provides digital document management and automated workflows to organizations of any size and across all major industries from manufacturing and retail to healthcare and government. With availability in 18 languages and supporting cloud and on-premises deployments, DocuWare currently serves 14,000 customers across 90 countries with a global network of over 650 partners.

Leaders in enabling digital transformation

DocuWare was founded as DOCUNET in Germering, Germany in 1988, and renamed to DocuWare in 2000. Today, we have headquarters in Germering and New Windsor, New York with offices in Spain, France and U.K.

Product history
1988 – Entwicklung des DACS-Board s
(DACS = Document Archiving and Communication System)
1990 – DACS Office, first software solution running on Windows 3.0 to store, search, display and print documents
1993 – DocuWare 3.0, customizable file cabinets, structure not pre-set; Sending of documents out of DocuWare
1998 – DocuWare 4.0, first 32-bit version
2006 – DocuWare 5.0, new development based on .NET technology
2008 – DocuWare Web Client, web-based document management
2009 – DocuWare SaaS, first SaaS via private cloud
2012 – DocuWare Online, first SaaS via public cloud
2014 – DocuWare Online renamed to DocuWare Cloud and ported to Microsoft Azure platform
2017 – DocuWare placed on Gartner's Content Services Magic Quadrant and Nucleus' ECM Matrix
DocuWare today

Available as both a cloud and on-premises solution with feature and design parity, DocuWare not only flexes to fit unique business processes, but also complies with the customer’s IT requirements and securely and seamlessly integrates with existing business applications.

DocuWare is widely recognized by customers, partners and leading analyst firms like Gartner and Nucleus as a best-fit document management and workflow automation solution for teams and organizations of any size.

Growth history

DocuWare was founded by Jürgen Biffar as DOCUNET in Germering, Germany in 1988, and renamed DocuWare in 2000. From 1990, Biffar managed the company together with Thomas Schneck. Headquartered in Germering and New Windsor, New York with offices in Spain, France and U.K.

In April 2012, Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital LP provided investment capital to promote and accelerate the global growth of DocuWare. Following this, DocuWare AG (public holding company) became DocuWare GmbH (limited liability corporation).

In August 2013, DocuWare acquired Westbrook Technologies Inc. (developer of Fortis ECM software). A year later, the company and its product fully merged with the U.S.-based DocuWare Corporation.

On January 1, 2019, the DocuWare Group's presidents, Jürgen Biffar and Thomas Schneck, transitioned their leadership positions to Dr. Michael Berger, previously company`s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Max Ertl, previously company`s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

In 2019, DocuWare was acquired by Ricoh. While wholly owned by Ricoh, the company now operates as an independent subsidiary, keeping its focus on enhancing its flagship solution and expanding its global partner network.

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Our promise: set the new pace for business

DocuWare office automation solutions deliver smart digital workflow and document control that set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance. We provide the following key business values to our thousands of on-premises and cloud customers.

Become a digital-first business

Remove the cost and inefficiency of paper from your key processes, and provide your teams the modern tools they need to adapt, grow and innovate those processes.

Empower employees to work without compromise

Digitize and automate processes and refocus staff on high-value, knowledge-driven projects that move your business forward.


Build for the future with tools that scale with your business

Step forward on your path to growth when you secure information, empower your mobile and distributed teams, and leverage scalable cloud services.


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