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Case Study: Auto Dealership

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Young Automotive Group digitizes human resources operations to speed up processes, eliminate unnecessary travel, reduce delays, decrease paper usage and cut down expenses.

A premier car sales company in Layton, UT, Young Automotive Group carries almost every automobile brand on the market along with a used inventory of over 1,200 vehicles. With over 900 people and 90 years of business history, the company strives to provide buyers with a perfect vehicle that fits their budget. Excellent customer service and a strong emphasis on the people they hire play a major role in achieving this.
Streamlining new employee orientation process

Prior to installing DocuWare, Young Automotive required all newly hired employees to go through a four-hour new hire orientation process in one specific location. That required people to travel, sometimes from remote locations and out of state, merely to complete paperwork. The process was inconvenient, lengthy and increased the company’s expenses as it reimbursed new employees for travel expenditures and gas mileage. “We figured that if we could send the information to them digitally and they could enter their information digitally in real time, it would definitely save us a lot of time and gas mileage that we were paying for,” says SharRee Shupe, HR Generalist. “We thought people could do all these things prior to even starting.”

Digitizing employment procedures helps rid of cumbersome paper processes

After switching to DocuWare, Young Automotive Group digitized its HR procedures. Once candidates pass the interview with a manager, they receive a four-page pre-employment document via email. When the required digital paperwork is completed, it is instantly delivered back to HR personnel, who then forward the new hires their employment agreement. The HR department also uses DocuWare to process exit interviews when employees leave the company. The employee termination information arrives as a DocuWare document, which HR processes digitally and the managers remove the employee’s access. “In the past it would have been five different paper documents that needed to be completed, and now we do it all digitally,” says Shupe.

Auto Dealership
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I was on the phone with a new hire instructing how to fill out our digital forms. He pressed the button and the form“disappeared.” When I told him I already got the form on my end, he was impressed by how quickly our system works.

SharRee Shupe
HR Manager

Digitizing bonuses, benefits and management

Bonus rewards called Spiffs are given out to the staff. While employees are rewarded Spiffs for a variety of events across multiple locations, the process is the same throughout. Before DocuWare, when a Spiff bonus was awarded, the manager would have to submit paper forms manually to the payroll department to request the specific dollar amount being given to the employee.

Now, HR seamlessly processes the digital form, deducts the taxes and electronically rewards the dollar amount specified by the manager to that employee. “DocuWare helped to set up a form, a list and a way to track those things,” Shupe says, which, given the volume of Spiffs, saved the team a lot of time. “We process about 100 rewards a week.”

Using digital forms, the company streamlined other employee benefits, such as advances on paychecks or deducting auto repair costs from the payroll. The company also uses DocuWare for employee recognition, in which managers can fill out a form to recognize an outstanding performer. In the past, requesting certain benefits and actions required multiple managers’ approvals followed by HR processing, resulting in paper forms transferred from person to person. After digitizing the forms, the processing time and the amount of lost information decreased significantly. “It just works so much easier and we don't have any missing information,” Shupe says. “DocuWare saved me a lot of time.”

Future plans: Going fully digital

Last year, the company hired 300 new employees, each of whom filled out 19 documents, all stored in DocuWare. This, combined with 5,000 spiff requests, brings the total annual number of documents stored digitally to over 10,000. “We save a lot of paper and ink,” says Shupe, adding “our goal is to go completely digital.”

Processing a new employee agreement now takes five minutes instead of one hour. Processing a termination form went down from one hour to 15 minutes."

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