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Automate Document Importing

DocuWare automatically imports your documents into the central file cabinet, no matter if they are scanned from a device, grabbed from a shared folder, or created from a native application. When importing, DocuWare intelligently indexes each document based on its metadata, content and any available barcode.

Quickly imported and stored from any source

Importing documents with DocuWare

Documents from any source are completely and automatically indexed (without manual data entry) before they are stored in your DocuWare file cabinet.

  • Paper documents that you scan from desktop scanners or shared multifunction devices.
  • Electronic documents that DocuWare automatically imports from monitored shared folders.
  • Documents created with your applications that you store in DocuWare using the print function, such as presentations, reports, invoices, correspondence, contracts or construction drawings.

Your documents index and store themselves

  • Import electronic invoices: You can automatically post and archive e-invoices immediately, whether they are in structured XML format or as a PDF with XML metadata. This reduces costs by eliminating manual data transfer or complicated form reading software. No more data entry errors.
  • Store paper invoices digitally: Add 1D or 2D bar code stickers, such as a document number, to incoming invoices and scan them into a watched folder. During import, the document number is read from the barcode and the documents are indexed and transferred to the file cabinet.
  • Grab exported documents from your ERP: generated PDFs of reports, invoices, credit memos and other documents are automatically imported into DocuWare.
  • Print your documents to the archive: Click “Print” to store documents from Excel, Word or other programs to DocuWare –  thanks to an entended print functionality.

  • Automatic document assignment: When archiving, an invoice can be digitally stapled to the corresponding archived delivery bill.
  • Enhance indexing with inventory data: Extend indexing with information from your existing databases, such as your ERP system.
  • Distribute documents directly to employees during scanning: With a network scanner, you can also forward documents to your employees during scanning. DocuWare monitors the network directory and places the scanned files in the employees' DocuWare document trays.
  • Find solutions even for highly specialized import requirements: Whether (S)FTP sources, ZIP folders, conversion or special database queries - all of these can create specialized scenarios for which DocuWare has the right solution.
  • Connect countless other cloud applications with DocuWare Cloud, such as a CRM or ERP, to import your documents - thanks to DocuWare iPaaS connectors.
Importing lots of documents automatically

Many documents

DocuWare fully indexes and stores large document volumes automatically.

Fully automatic

Fully automatic

You define the rules for the import once. The rest is done by DocuWare.


All barcodes

All common barcode types are read out as if by themselves.


Accurate indexing

Index documents reliably and error-free during storing.

How to start automatic importing


Nearly all functions for extensive import with indexing, also via barcodes, are part of every DocuWare Cloud license. Additional license costs are only incurred for very specific application scenarios.


If you use DocuWare as a locally installed system, the basic functions for scanning, importing and indexing documents are available in each server license.
For further functions such as indexing with document text or barcodes and for very specific application scenarios, you need additional licenses.

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