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Resources for ECM

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an all-encompassing term that covers topics such as
document management, content services and the digital automation of business processes.

This page is dedicated to guides, ebooks, analyst reports and more, to help you get an understanding of how
this technology can improve your daily challenges. We’ve organized it by topic for easy searching with subjects
as general as document management, and more specific applications such as employee management,
invoice processing and a mobile workforce.

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Document Management

DocuWare Reduces IT Complexity

Research Paper

SMBs can free up internal IT resources for high value projects and rely on the content management provider for support

Every business needs to manage their data and automate workflows in order to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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Cloud Office Automation


Plan your move to cloud office automation

Learn about the benefits of automation, why it matters, and how to start with practical, useful guidance.

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Digital Transformation for SMBs: What to Know and How to Start


Digital transformation for SMBs: what to know and how to start

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Document Archiving: Security and Safety Standards 2020


Document archiving: security and safety standards 2022

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Nucleus ROI

Analyst Report

New ROI research: for SMBs, content management returns $8.55 per dollar spent

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Employee Management

Invoice Processing

4 Phases of IP to Automate

Tip Sheet

The 4 phases of invoice processing that you can automate

Are you a world-class organization for invoice processing? This tip sheet covers the 4 parts of the invoice process that should be automated.

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4 Facts


4 facts savvy CFOs must know about business process transformation

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How to Automate AP Processes and Skyrocket Productivity


How to automate AP processes and skyrocket staff productivity

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Mobile Workforce

PPT for Mobile Workforce


Show your team the benefits of DocuWare

Use this presentation to demonstrate how DocuWare enables your mobile and distributed workforce.

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Mobile Workforce Survey Ebook


Where did businesses fall short responding to COVID-19?

Survey results are clear: without the technology to support a mobile workforce, companies couldn't pivot quickly enough to respond to the pandemic.

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Mobile Workforce Survey Infographic


The State of Mobile Workforce Management: Survey Results & Insights from Business Owners During COVID-19

See our survey results of how prepared companies were for the COVID-19 crisis and their key lessons learned establishing a new distributed workforce.

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Paperless Office

Electronic Signature Ebook


Just Sign Here: The essential guide to electronic signature

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How To Create A Paperless Office


Become a paperless company in less than 90 days

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Workflow Automation

Process Planner

Process Planner: Map the processes that matter most

Use this free online tool to design, share and collaborate on workflow diagrams to document your key processes.

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