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Features and capabilities

DocuWare is the platform that empowers you to capture, process and use your business information. Keep your teams fluid and productive, automate document workflows in any organization, and protect data and documents with secure, centralized archiving.

Capture and organize information

DocuWare captures information from a broad range of sources, enabling automated import and indexing routines enable structured data entry without manual effort.

Intelligent Indexing

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AI-based technology converts document content right into indexing terms. Instead of error-prone manual data entry, this indexing approach takes place automatically and within seconds.

Mobile upload

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Get your processes rolling while you're on the move and effortlessly capture and file documents with our mobile apps.

Fulltext indexing

In addition to structured index metadata, DocuWare creates a full-text record of all content for precise, customizable search queries.

Scan and classify

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Connect DocuWare with any scanning hardware to capture incoming paper documents such as invoices and delivery slips.

Data enrichment

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Use data from other applications to complete a document’s indexed metadata to ensure consistent taxonomy.

Forms for data capture

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Speed up data capture through customizable web forms and share the information with anyone else who needs it.

Barcode recognition

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EAN, QR or postal codes: DocuWare recognizes a variety of bar codes, reads them and uses the information for document indexing.

File import

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Easily import and index documents without any user interaction from Microsoft Office or any other program.

Windows Folder import

Move single documents as well as entire folders directly from the file system to a file cabinet in order to share and protect information.

Emails from Outlook

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Integrate Outlook deeply into DocuWare to manage and store emails and attachments securely in seconds.

Import from any email account

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Organize and store emails from all your accounts centrally along with other business content.

Documents from Microsoft Teams

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Store documents shared in Microsoft Teams centrally and securely in DocuWare, along with your other business documents.

Export index data

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Make the DocuWare index data of your documents usable for your accounting system or ERP.

Import from print stream

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Print documents such as outgoing invoices from any program directly into your digital archive, including automatic indexing.

SAP records

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Use our certified interface for managing SAP documents in DocuWare.

Process documents and manage workflows

DocuWare sorts, distributes and links information to drive important decision-making processes. Teams across all departments can use these modern tools for quick, transparent and effective workflows.

Digital editing

Use stamps, annotations or image corrections without changing original documents. Or open archived content to edit in its original program.

Task control

Automate recurring manual team and organizational tasks from simple notifications and approvals to complex, multi-level processes.

Connected while mobile

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Get up-to-date status information while on-the-go. Tackle tasks from any device.


Automatically save edited documents as a new version and always keep document histories under control.

Workflow automation

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Streamline processes by designing automation workflows with an intuitive drag'n'drop interface.

Deletion workflows

Remove data and documents automatically according to preset parameters to comply with data protection and legal requirements.

Clear rules and exceptions

Define in detail what should happen when certain document processing situations or exceptions occur.


Set due dates for completing tasks and appoint proxies to cover.

Data export

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Synchronize data and status information with programs like your ERP to consistently network processes and complete them straight away.

Preconfigured solutions

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Automate key business processes like invoice processing or onboarding of new employees with out-of-the-box workflows.

Control dashboard

Keep an eye on a workflow’s progress at all times.

Dynamic limits

Set the scope for individual editors or user groups individually.

Process mapping

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Visualize process steps, share process plans and work on them with third parties in real time -all with a new, intuitive tool.

Electronic Signature

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Embed a trust service provider seamlessly into a workflow. Sign a wide variety of documents such as contracts or invoices with a legally binding electronic signature.

iPaaS connectors

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Connect DocuWare Cloud to over 1,000 other cloud applications and create business workflows across multiple systems.

Access and view content for decision-making

DocuWare provides your team the right information for productive processes and fast, effective decision-making.

Flexible search

Enter search terms or select keywords from drop-down lists, use wildcards and logical links, and search through a document‘s content as well as indexed metadata.

Mobile access

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Access and use information to drive workflows beyond the office walls.

Digital files

Use classic folder structures for intuitive file viewing.


Send or share individual documents or groups of documents by link. Or embed URLs to DocuWare elements on a website, your intranet or within other programs. And to share archived documents with Microsoft Teams, select the desired chat or channel directly in DocuWare.

Sophisticated permissions

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Control what documents and metadata users can store, retrieve, edit, export, modify and remove from file cabinets.


Access content of common document formats regardless of its original program. It can be viewed with any browser, no matter if from a MAC, PC or Linux.

Linked documents

Display related documents immediately.

Pending box

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Receive timely reminders of pending deadlines are overdue tasks.

Integrated search

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Seamlessly integrate access to archived data and documents into other key programs.

Automatic delivery

Receive documents automatically for editing and staying up-to-date.

Document packages

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Bundle document packages for external use by customers, auditors or employees.

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