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Standalone Archive

Collect key documents into a secure, standalone digital file cabinet. Auditors, external staff or other service providers can use an embedded browser to search and view documents without DocuWare or other additional software.

Release file cabinets and documents for third parties

Service providers or external staff can access released documents and carry out searches via the embedded browser

Protect your system from outsiders by compiling documents into a secure, standalone archive for third parties. Each archive is:

  • Flexible. Assemble documents specifically or select entire file cabinets.
  • Universal. The standalone archive is stored as a single file that can be conveniently emailed or transferred via a USB stick.
  • Independent. No special software is needed to view the documents.
  • Usable. Even in large, complex archives, documents are found quickly. Index fields and document content is searchable with options for arithmetic operators.
  • Versatile. Documents from a standalone file cabinet can be added back to the document management system.

Optimal knowledge transfer to service providers and business partners

Standalone archives simplify knowledge transfer workflow. Just a few possible business scenarios:

  • In the case of a financial audit, you compile all relevant documents for a fiscal year and hand them over to the auditor on a USB stick.
  • Scanning service providers gather the scanned documents and make them available to customers in a standalone file cabinet. If they use DocuWare themselves, they can add the scans to their own file cabinets.
  • All manuals, plans and spare parts lists of machines are stored on a USB stick. Repair service staff have access to all the documentation they need on-site, even without a network.
fast backup of document archive

Fast backup

Export and re-import whole file cabinets in minutes.



Access archived documents with or without an Internet connection.


System independent

Access archived documents without special software.



Make your documents available even without guest access.

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Standalone digital archives is a standard capability of every DocuWare Cloud license. DocuWare Cloud also includes Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager and other key features.


You can use standalone digital archives with each server edition of DocuWare on-premises.

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