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Connect DocuWare to SAP

Extend your SAP system when you securely archive your original documents in DocuWare. Link SAP business objects to stored documents and access them directly from SAP.

Long-term revision-proof storage of business documents

DocuWare Connect to SAP
SAP content repositories can be assigned to archives in DocuWare, enabling you to store across multiple archives in DocuWare. Data for searching or displaying documents is securely transferred via HTTPS

With SAP, you organize the flow of your company's most critical information. This produces a flood of business documents for which legal regulations apply. When archived in DocuWare, your documents are revision-proof and audit-ready.

Archived documents are always available for day-to-day business in SAP. For example, display an invoice linked to an SAP data record in one click. A unique value such as a barcode or the SAP DocID ensures a perfect link.

Select the DocuWare file cabinet in SAP via the content repository. Each content repository in SAP is subsequently mapped to an archive in DocuWare for clear information management.

DocuWare is accessed via a web browser. No additional software installation is required.

Integrate DocuWare seamlessly in your SAP system

DocuWare can be perfectly embedded within existing ERP environments. The integration of DocuWare and SAP applies to both incoming and outgoing documents created in SAP.

DocuWare supports various SAP filing strategies such as early and late storage. For example, in early archiving, an invoice is first archived in DocuWare and then booked in SAP. In the case of late archiving, it's the other way around: the invoice is first captured in SAP and then archived in DocuWare.

The DocuWare Connect to SAP Version 2 module can be easily extended with additional modules to realize cross-system scenarios:

  • Document Indexing: Indexing of documents in DocuWare with master and movement data from SAP
  • Document Link: Linking documents without barcodes to SAP records, launching workflows in SAP
  • Document Viewer: Display archived documents from SAP directly in DocuWare
  • Integrity Control: Check whether all documents that are to be archived according to SAP Customizing have really been stored and are accessible. Supports the customer in proving completeness to auditors
  • Simple Invoice: When invoices are posted via SAP Business Workplace, index data is read from DocuWare when jumping to the SAP standard transactions and the SAP input mask is pre-populated with this data.
    Transactions FB01, FB60, FB70, MIR7 and MIRO are supported

DocuWare Connect to SAP enables the connection to an SAP ECC 6.0 or S/4HANA system.



DocuWare implements the current SAP interface standard ArchiveLink Version 4.7 and is upwardly compatible with future versions



DocuWare archives and displays specific SAP documents such as print lists, REORG data, originals of document info records and outbound documents



SAP has certified DocuWare integration for SAP S/4 HANA



Communication between DocuWare and SAP is secure using encrypted SSL/TLS

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Users of DocuWare Cloud and DocuWare on-premises can use DocuWare Connect to SAP Version 2 as an add-on feature. DocuWare professional services can set up Connect to SAP for you.

Technical Knowledge

Learn more about Connect to SAP Version 2 and other integration options with DocuWare in the Integration White Paper.

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