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Connect to Mail

Collect email messages from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and other webmail clients and store the most important and relevant messages in a secure, digital archive. Protect your business communication from tampering and use email content within your workflow automation.

Import email automatically

Connect to mail examples -- gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail
DocuWare does not intrude in the mail account. It simply watches a folder to fetch messages automatically — in these examples "Invoices"

Combine the benefits of web-based email accounts with the power and security of DocuWare:

  • Messages from your email accounts are automatically stored correctly in DocuWare where they are available for further processing
  • Each message is automatically stored with rich index data that can be used to start workflow
  • Store only important emails or store only the attachment
  • Associate related email messages into one collective package
  • Retrieve all documents related to a project at the same time: present email alongside contracts, technical documents, and more
  • Safely delete email messages from your mailbox once they've been stored in DocuWare and keep the mailbox tidy

Integrate email into business processes

Do more with your email messages by integrating them into your business processes. Two quick examples:

  1. An invoice received by email is stored in DocuWare and immediately triggers the release workflow so you can pay comfortably within the discount period
  2. Colleagues can respond quickly to a customer inquiry, even if the responsible employee is unavailable, as they have an overview of all correspondence with the customer in the file cabinet

Archived email can be managed together with other document types. This improves the organization of related content, such as project documentation, customer correspondence or transactional data.

Universally usable

Archive email messages from all Exchange and IMAP accounts in DocuWare.


Optimum availability

Information from archived email is available to all authorized colleagues.

Support compliance

Treat email as business-relevant documents with regard to legal requirements.

Centralized documents

Email can be retrieved together with other business-relevant documents.

How to start connecting email with DocuWare


Connect to Mail is a standard part of every DocuWare Cloud license. DocuWare Cloud also includes  Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager, and other key modules.


If you are using DocuWare as an on-premises system, Connect to Mail is available as an add-on module.

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