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Connect to Outlook

Integrate Microsoft Outlook into your office productivity. Securely archive incoming and outgoing email while automatically triggering new workflow tasks. Key search views are embedded directly in the Outlook for single-screen productivity.

Add archiving features to Outlook

DocuWare Connect to Outlook
DocuWare integrates seamlessly into Outlook. You can store or search for email in the DocuWare ribbon or via context menus.

You don’t have to leave your email client to store email messages and search the file cabinet. The functions are available directly in Outlook:

  • Store messages with a mouse click
  • Or have email archived automatically
  • Email that you want to keep in Outlook can be marked as filed
  • Be selective: duplicates and meaningless standard messages will be automatically discarded, if required
  • DocuWare enriches email messages with all necessary index data so messages can be easily found and used to start digital workflow
  • Personal and company names can be added when indexing from external sources such as address books or CRM
  • Start a search in DocuWare directly from Outlook — results are displayed right in the email client

Integrate email into business processes

Do more with your email messages from Microsoft Outlook by integrating them into your business processes. Two quick examples:

  1. An invoice received by email in Outlook is stored in DocuWare and immediately triggers the release workflow so you can pay comfortably within the discount period
  2. Colleagues can respond quickly to a customer inquiry, even if the responsible employee is unavailable, as they have an overview of all correspondence with the customer in the file cabinet

Archived email from Microsoft Outlook can be managed together with other document types. This improves the organization of related content, such as project documentation, customer correspondence or transactional data.





Centralized documents

Email can be retrieved from the file cabinet together with other business-relevant documents.

Support compliance

Treat email as business-relevant documents with regard to legal requirements.


Seamlessly integrated

All DocuWare functions can be accessed directly in Outlook.

Optimum availability

Once archived, email messages are available to colleagues with sufficient authorization.

How to start using Connect to Outlook


Connect to Outlook is a standard part of every DocuWare Cloud license. DocuWare Cloud also includes Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager  and other key modules


If you are using DocuWare as an on-premises system, Connect to Outlook is available as an add-on module

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