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Connect to Teams

Store your document files from Microsoft Teams securely in a central DocuWare file cabinet, together with all your other business information. Provide authorized employees with access to relevant documents and share them across teams.

Never lose documents from Microsoft Teams

DocuWare Connect to Teams
Connect to Teams: App for archiving documents from Microsoft Teams right into DocuWare.

Files and documents are often scattered throughout channels and chats in Microsoft Teams making them hard to find later. When they are stored in DocuWare, they are indexed and filed in a clear and well-organized way in one central location, and ready to be retrieved together with related documents and email.
Files and documents from Microsoft Teams that are stored in DocuWare are…

  •  easy to find
  • securely archived in a long-term, audit-proof manner
  • available to all authorized users, at any time and from anywhere
  • automatically indexed (if preferred)
  • immediately ready, once indexed, to drive business workflows

DocuWare and Microsoft Teams: Working Together

With DocuWare Connect to Teams, you can broaden the application possibilities of your Microsoft Teams messaging and communication platform. To get a sense of how the two apps work together, here are some common examples…

  • Employees in different locations use Microsoft Teams to develop a draft contract. The final version is then stored in a central DocuWare file cabinet.
  • You archive a vendor's offer – then make it available to a Teams project group via DocuWare link.
  • You invite employees to edit an archived document by quickly sharing the link in a Teams channel. Now all members can open the document in the DocuWare Viewer and edit the document in Office for the Web (Office 365) at the same time. Documents shared via link remain protected in Microsoft Teams by the permissions defined in DocuWare.
  • During a meeting with a customer, your contact provides you with additional documents about the project via chat. You simply file the documents securely in DocuWare during the meeting – so they can be instantly accessed by all authorized employees involved.

Central storage

Files from Microsoft Teams can be quickly retrieved from your archive along with all other company documents.


Compliance support

Make sure files from Teams that are treated as key business documents are stored to fulfill regulatory requirements


Seamless integration

With the DocuWare app for Microsoft Teams, the functions store in file cabinet and store in tray are available. The DocuWare client also provides the option share in Microsoft Teams.


Protected in DocuWare

Once archived, files from Teams are available to DocuWare users – provided they have been granted permission to read, edit or share

Get started with DocuWare Connect to Teams


Connect to Teams is available to DocuWare Cloud customers and is included in all DocuWare Cloud license packages. The DocuWare app can be found in the apps section of Microsoft Teams.


If you are using DocuWare as an on-premises system, Connect to Teamsis available as an add-on module. The DocuWare app can be found in the apps section of Microsoft Teams.

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