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Integration with Microsoft Teams

The connection between this powerful communication platform and DocuWare enhances collaboration, accelerates processes and increases security. Documents can be quickly shared while remaining securely archived. And you can even tackle your current document to-do list straight out of Teams.

Simple add-on for those who primarily work in Microsoft Teams

DocuWare list in Microsoft Teams
Documents in a DocuWare list can be opened and edited directly from Teams

Chat, hold meetings, exchange information: Seamlessly integrate DocuWare into your central communication channel. Documents shared in Teams are quickly stored centrally in DocuWare and can be accessed by colleagues in the context of other business documents and emails.

You can also directly access current documents and tasks in DocuWare from within Teams, whether you're approving invoices, checking contract deadlines or need quick access to your customer or vendor files. 

DocuWare and Microsoft Teams: Working Together

With DocuWare Connect to Teams, you can broaden the application possibilities of your Microsoft Teams messaging and communication platform. To get a sense of how the two apps work together, here are some common examples…

  • Share archived documents in Teams: Make a vendor's bid stored in DocuWare available to a project group in Microsoft Teams with a simple link.
  • Store documents that were shared in Teams: During a meeting with a customer, your contact provides you with additional documents about the project via chat. You simply file the documents securely in DocuWare during the meeting – so they can be instantly accessed by all authorized employees involved.
  • Integrate document lists into Teams: Add a list of current product brochures as a tab in the Sales Teams channel so that the documents are available exactly where everyone is exchanging ideas.
  • Integrate workflow tasks into Teams: Not only do you have a better overview of your tasks running through DocuWare Workflows, you can even complete them directly from within Teams.

Centrally archived

Documents from Microsoft Teams are stored in DocuWare in a long-term, audit-proof manner and available to all authorized users – at any time and from anywhere.


Compliance support

Make sure files from Teams that are treated as key business documents are stored to fulfill regulatory requirements


Seamless integration

Share documents stored in DocuWare in Teams. Archive files used in Teams in DocuWare. And integrate DocuWare Lists into Teams.



DocuWare documents and tasks can be found right where users are: in Teams.

Get started with DocuWare Connect to Teams


Integration with Microsoft Teams is a feature provided with every DocuWare Cloud license. The required DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams can be found within Microsoft Teams in the Apps section.


If you are using DocuWare as an on-premises system, Connect to Teams is available as an add-on module. The required DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams can be found within Microsoft Teams in the Apps section.

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