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Employee management   
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Scattered, illegible or incomplete forms? Nothing blocks productivity more than a lack of information. With DocuWare, you can organize all your personnel documents digitally and clearly in one employee management system. 

  • Quick access to employee records at any time 
  • Security for confidential data 
  • Future-proof HR digitalization 

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An organizational trailblazer for employee data 

DocuWare securely stores personnel documents and lets you quickly retrieve, share and update relevant information. Say goodbye to paper clutter and Excel lists, and complete administrative tasks for onboarding or payroll accounting with just a few clicks.  

1 Personnel File


2 Personnel File


HR information at the touch of a button 

Respond to personnel inquiries without lengthy searches. Instead, always maintain an overview of deadlines and document lifecycles. Employees benefit from the ability to access files from any end device, making HR less time-consuming.  


Data protection – easier than ever 

Eliminate all risk of confidential personnel data falling into the wrong hands. DocuWare gives your employees the security of knowing that only authorized persons can view their files. Every access is precisely logged ensuring reliable and consistent traceability. 

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Minimize administrative effort and drive innovation

Empower managers, prevent internal resignations, and foster team culture despite working from home. Lots of ideas, but no time to implement them?
With DocuWare, you win back valuable hours for strategic projects by automating tedious, manual administrative tasks.

Eliminate repetitive manual data entry    

  • With DocuWare, you can maintain personnel data and documents in a centralized location. Import and sort employee documents and important correspondence in no time at all, whether it’s per drag and drop, scanning applications or automatic import from sources like Outlook. 
  • Employees can easily and efficiently request changes to their master data themselves with just a few clicks.  

Always ready to provide information  

  • Access personnel data and HR documents easily through file views, flexible filters, or full-text searchwhether you’re on a smartphone app or on the go. 
  • Empower individuals, managers, and HR professionals with self-service capabilities, from basic search to portal integration.

File payslips automatically 

  • Create payslips in the payroll platform of your choice. DocuWare then stores them in the employees' digital personnel files without any action on your part.
  • Employees can access them from any device via a secure link, even if an external tax office is doing your payroll accounting.   



Information flow without security risks

  • Avoid headaches caused by emails with attachments in uncontrolled circulation. Instead, coordinate HR department feedback and approvals via secure digital workflows. 
  • Enable secure access to employee documents and HR tasks from DocuWare Teams or other channels.  

Route and complete tasks digitally

  • Use digital workflows to forward documents to employees for approval or more information. Stamps and annotations can be added during editing without changing the original documents.  
  • As a result, all parties are always aware of the current status. If a task is delayed, DocuWare prompts you with a reminder. 

Always a step ahead

  • Keep an eye on important dates and deadlines with automatic notifications and status information from DocuWare.  
  • Whether employee contracts or certificates are expiring, or an anniversary is coming up, you’ll have enough time to get everything started proactively, even in hectic times.  

Frequently asked questions 

Which documents can be saved in the digital personnel file?

The digital personnel file can be used to store relevant documents for each employee, such as application documents, payslips, sick notes, vacation requests, references and training certificates.  

How secure is the digital storage of personnel documents?

Digital personnel files are generally more secure than paper files, as they can be protected against unauthorized access. DocuWare uses a range of security measures such as role and authorization protocols encryption and data backups. This ensures that the sensitive employee data does not fall into the wrong hands. 

Who can access the digital personnel file in DocuWare?

Companies can manage access permissions using roles and authorizations to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the respective personnel file. Granular access rights to certain documents or information can also be defined.  

Which HR processes can be automated with DocuWare?

DocuWare offers a wide range of options for automating HR processes, from applicant tracking and onboarding to payroll distribution and time off management

How quickly can we get started with the digital personnel file?

DocuWare offers easy-to-use templates and configurations for various application scenarios, so you can be up and running in just a few days. DocuWare can also be customized. How long it takes to implement DocuWare depends on the complexity of each company's requirements. 

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