Map what matters. 

Design quickly, collaborate in real-time and share your process plans with our Process Planner. It has never been easier.


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The simplest process mapping tool on the market

If you want to plan and optimize your processes and to ensure transparency of your workflows, it is crucial to visualize them. The software for visualization, however, is often far too complex.

But why make your life unnecessarily difficult when everything can be quite simple?

With Process Planner we offer you the simplest process mapping tool on the market. It helps you to quickly design your processes and workflows and to share your work with colleagues and partners.

On top of it all, it can be used completely independently of a DocuWare system.


Design with a simple UI

Map your processes effortlessly while staying focused on key features. You can start immediately – it´s intuitive to use.


Collaborate in real time

Anytime and anywhere: Collaborate in real-time via a simple browser.


Share and publish

Share your process plans both inside and outside of your organization.Publish your process plans as PDF or png.



Process Planner is free of charge and independent of any ECM. You can register in no time at all.

Process Planner: Try it out now.