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Case Study: Service Provider

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Rebel Refrigeration chose DocuWare to enable employees to access records digitally from home. This was a crucial step to ensure business continuity for remote workforces.

Established in 1996, Rebel Refrigeration, AC & Plumbing has been installing water heaters, air conditioning systems and providing other home services to the residents of Las Vegas and beyond for nearly a quarter of a century. With about 20 employees, the company serves 8,000 to 10,000 clients, responding to over 10,000 service calls a year.

A typical job requires purchasing equipment and parts, for which the company regularly processes invoices. A green-minded company, Rebel Refrigeration was already partially paperless—its contractors used iPads and digital invoicing in some business areas, but certain aspects of the operations still required printing invoices on paper.  

Coronavirus lockdown brings operations to a halt

When the lockdown order was issued, Rebel Refrigeration’s office had to close. The company employees were working from home, but they couldn’t access the paper documents in the office, and processing fell behind. “We tried to work from home, but everything slowed down and bogged down, and moved at a very slow pace,” says Joe Johnson, Owner. “I didn't want to be in this position. I wanted my people to be able to seamlessly and smoothly work from home, especially if it ended up being a long-term situation.” He knew switching to digital was vital to staying afloat.

Getting up and running in 24 hours

Even prior to the lockdown, Johnson had been considering a digital solution. After doing more research and learning what several other businesses used, he made his decision to switch to DocuWare. Implementing DocuWare’s cloud-based pre-configured solution for invoice processing was quick and easy—he provided the company with his credit card and was up and running within 24 hours. DocuWare was able to load the data into the system, and within a few days, the company was fully digital. “I wanted to have a cloud-type of system where we could really go paperless,” Johnson says, adding that the setup was easy and “it was all laid out for us.”

Service Provider
Accounting |Purchasing
QuickBooks (Finance)

During the lockdown our office was closed and we fell behind. I wanted my people to be able to seamlessly and smoothly work from home. I wanted to have a cloud-type of system where we could really go paperless.

Joe Johnson

A game-changer for the “new normal” and beyond        

Before installing DocuWare, electronic invoices were printed and filed into the paper filing cabinets to be manually entered into the QuickBooks account. Later invoices progressed to the accounts payable and the checks were cut for them. An invoice for a plumbing job could list up to 15 different items, including fittings and pipes, all of which had to be entered into the system individually. “We were literally typing every single line item, every single part, every quantity into QuickBooks,” Johnson says—an onerous and lengthy process. Now DocuWare scans the invoices and recognizes the parts, saving the staff from having to enter them manually and individually. “Plus, at any given moment anyone can pull up a purchase order, an invoice number or a job number and see all the documents that pertain to it,” Johnson says. Going digital is a game changer, he adds. “They can now do it all from home, which is crucial. If there is a second wave of the pandemic this fall, we are going to be ready for sure.”





Already partially paperless, Rebel Refrigeration upgrades to full digitization during coronavirus lockdown ensuring business continuity and operational integrity.

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