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Oregon based Community College has invested in customized technology to facilitate faster knowledge and information sharing between teaching staff and students.

Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) is a small accredited college, located on Oregon’s rural coast, offering degree programs to a diverse student body. College staff are trained in and required to follow Lean methodology, which identifies ways to minimize wasted time and resources.

In this spirit of streamlining and improved efficiency, when the college received a $2.5 million Title III grant from the US Department of Education, the goal was to use part of this to improve business processes and increase efficiency. The college carried out an independent Lean analysis to determine the impact an electronic document management like DocuWare would have. The results showed a significant time and organizational savings and DocuWare with its flexibility and customizability was their solution of choice.

Requirements ranging from basic affordability and seamlessness to complex integrations

TBCC needed an affordable Document Management system that allows them to electronically share information, manage student registration, offer faculty fast access to student files for advising purposes and be easily adaptable for other departments such as payroll. They also required that the system should integrate with their ERP and Student Information System (Jenzabar).

Finance |HR

One of the big reasons our DocuWare roll out was such a success was because our IT vendor worked with us to develop a customized training and implementation ‘ramp-up’ approach that allowed us to continually roll out the solution to our departments. The process reinforced TBCC’s development of a learning community around documents and DocuWare.

Ray Hoyt
Title III Project Director

Filing, scanning, saving, retrieving and triggering workflows

Digital workflows and customized electronic filing cabinets were created and roll out was staggered across four departments over a twelve-week period. Staff were trained via Skype on how to scan, index and file historical paper documents and electronically import new records directly into DocuWare.

“As each department came on board, we discovered we were building an in-house DocuWare user group that could assist new departments as they onboarded,” said Ray Hoyt, Project Director for Tillamook Bay Community College.

Immediate benefits and increased efficiency was noted by the departments as everything from payroll files to endowment agreements and financial aid documents were securely filed with fast access by authorized staff to review, retrieve, share or trigger workflows.

No need for other solutions and costs

DocuWare’s adaptability was key. For example, TBCC wanted to provide instructors with standardized curriculum and guidelines - DocuWare was customized to meet these requirements. The college was spared the work of implementing a separate solution, leading to a savings of $40,000.

With DocuWare, the Instructional department had the flexibility to archive current and out-of-date curriculum, thereby maintaining the connection between past student and curriculum records. The new college-wide initiative of enhanced advising was made possible because student information could be shared electronically between Student Services, Financial Aid, Registration and Faculty Advisors.

The speed at which documents were digitized was faster than expected

The Authorized DocuWare Partner and college’s IT vendor, Ricoh USA, installed DocuWare in a customized and staggered roll, which worked extremely well for all departments involved. Hoyt said: “We thought moving our documents into DocuWare would be a long process, but with the ability to customize our approach thanks to our vendor and DocuWare, we’ve exceeded our 5 year Title III grant goal of number of documents digitized at year 3. This means we’ve made a 332% improvement in digitizing our documents. Which makes us all very happy,”

We thought moving our documents would be along process. But we’ve exceeded our 5 year Title III grant goal of number of documents digitized at year 3. This means we've made a 332% improvement!

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