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Case Study: Insurances

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Mayfair Insurance from Kenya sells insurance in six African countries. Their digital transformation was driven by the use of an electronic document pool, which ensures greater efficiency and security in their operations.

Kenya-based Mayfair Insurance offers a wide range of insurance services: from personal and property insurance – such as policies for liability, accident, auto or household contents – to corporate solutions – such as for the construction industry or product liability. In addition to Kenya, the company is active in five other markets: Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia and Congo. More than 100 employees are supported by their digital document management solution.

Before DocuWare was introduced, mountains of paper files were part of Mayfair's daily load. A folder was created for each policyholder in which, in addition to the policy, customer documents, records about insured objects and benefits, and numerous documents relating to a claims settlement like assessors’ reports were stored. And in this way, thousands of documents had accumulated over the years. Security concerns were also a crucial consideration for their digital transformation. Even insurance companies are not protected from damage caused by water or fire, but they truly cannot afford to have access restricted to paper documents in an emergency. Management recognized this problem and decided to introduce a digital DMS immediately. Several providers were assessed. In the end, DocuWare prevailed over all competitors, mainly because of the system's end-to-end simplicity and the attractive total cost of the cloud solution. 

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DocuWare not only makes our organization more efficient, it also makes it more secure. By digitizing our workflows, we were able to further standardize our processes. This has improved our internal work quality and allowed us to respond more quickly to customer requests.

Peter Ngugi
Deputy IT Manager, Mayfair Insurance, Nairobi (Kenya)

Cross-Format Document Capture

Due to their high volume of documents, the system was launched in the Claims Department. Customers continue to submit their documents in a variety of forms, including paper documents, email, and even messages from WhatsApp. The difference to the past, however, is that nothing has to be printed or copied anymore. Now employees immediately transfer all documents to their digital archive, either by drag & drop or via simple scan functions.

DocuWare then automatically indexes the documents based on their content. Even forms that employees create in their ICON ERP system are automatically and digitally transferred to the DMS. Various workflows then distribute the documents to respective employees according to responsibility. Digital stamps, which also document the time of processing, are used to check claims and release them for settlement. Even the claims settlement itself is precisely documented in the DMS by adding the corresponding payment documents. DocuWare was gradually extended to other areas, such as Underwriting and for the processing of incoming invoices in the Accounting Department. Today, nearly 80 users work with the solution every day.

Greater Security Thanks to Cloud

Where employees used to pull out their hair when it came to filing and making sure they were working with the right version, their digital archive now guarantees easy access to all insurance-relevant documents – and always in the latest version. At the same time, data protection regulations are easily met, something that is much easier than with a paper archive. Overall, DocuWare has not only led to a significant reduction in processing errors and increased efficiency in the company, but also helped them quickly identify fraud attempts, for example, when different parties submit claims twice. Above all, Mayfair Insurance has implemented its own Disaster Recovery Plan. The high standards of DocuWare Cloud reduce the risk of document loss to a minimum and make Mayfair's business far more secure.

In our former paper archive, all it took was to file a document incorrectly once in order to lose it forever. That doesn't happen anymore. The error rate in the filing system is practically zero.

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