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Posts with the topic of "Tips & Tricks"

Customize your startup view for DocuWare

Design your DocuWare startup view so that it's your perfect workspace. Open up to two items at a time and customize the DocuWare Viewer to suit your ... Read more

7 Ways to Save Time with Drag & Drop in DocuWare

Drag and drop is an intuitive way to move files from one place to another using your mouse. In DocuWare, you can also easily drag and drop documents ... Read more

Transparent lifecycle of your documents

Want to check what happened to a document? Who shared it or who downloaded it last? With DocuWare, the information is at your fingertips with just a ... Read more

Working with overlays: Answers to the 7 most frequently asked questions

Whether stamping, highlighting or adding a comment: In the DocuWare Viewer, you can annotate a document on up to five levels and flexibly show or ... Read more

More automation possible with table calculation in forms

With the new versatile table calculation features in DocuWare Forms, you can better meet your accounting needs to speed up processes. Find out what's ... Read more

How to: Open a support request

Need help? Our worldwide DocuWare support is available to you through the Support Portal with over 60 specialists in 4 languages. We‘ll show you step ... Read more

4 steps to an efficient procurement process

Purchase requisitions make procurement processes ultra efficient and transparent. At the heart of uniform workflows and more cost control is a web ... Read more

Handy shortcuts for opening documents even faster

You probably open documents in the DocuWare Viewer by double-clicking. But here are three other ways to display what you need even faster. Read more

How to change index entries for 100+ documents at once

When stored in DocuWare, documents are provided with metadata - so-called index entries. But what do you do if an entry needs to be changed at a ... Read more

Tip: Reusing data from a result list

Index terms for documents contain lots of valuable information. And they are easy to analyze with the help of a CSV export and then used for further ... Read more

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