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Customize your startup view for DocuWare

Design your DocuWare home view so that it’s your perfect workspace.

Design your DocuWare startup view so that it's your perfect workspace. Open up to two items at a time and customize the DocuWare Viewer to suit your needs. See a few short video clips.



Set up your workspace for a perfect start

By default, DocuWare will show the workspace in which you last worked. But if you prefer to start by looking at your lists or tasks, simply change this under "Profile and Settings." Go to the "General" tab and look for the "Startup view" option to specify which items should open automatically after logging in.  

Customize startup view

Change the personal startup view for DocuWare under "Profile and Settings"


Open an additional workspace

Want to see more than just a document tray or a search at a time? Open another item using the "Show split pane" button. The element remains visible until you close it again (even after logging out). Depending on which startup view you‘ve set, two document trays, searches, etc. or exactly the two areas you had last opened will open. For more on this, check out "Double your productivity with two workspaces".

Show split pane

Open and close an additional workspace

Customize the viewer's display

You can also customize how the DocuWare Viewer opens. For example, if you are working with DocuWare on two monitors/screens, it‘s handy to open the viewer in a new window, which can be done with or without index dialog. You can make these changes under "Profile and Settings" in the "Viewer" tab, the same spot for changing tool settings in the viewer:

•    Click on the "+" icons to view all available options and tools.
•    Use the eye icon to show or hide the selected tools or options. This allows you to show additional annotation overlays, for example. 
•    Click on the options and tools and drag & drop them into the order that works best for you. 
•    Move features and tools from the left toolbar (which is displayed by default) to another toolbar on the right side of the viewer by selecting a feature and using the arrow key.

Customize viewer

Set personal preferences for viewer's display 

Take advantage of the many ways to customize DocuWare to get the most out of it. And just so you know: all the settings described here can be made by any user and is only visible to them.