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Transparent lifecycle of your documents

Transparent lifecycle of your documents with DocuWare

Want to check what happened to a document? Who shared it or who downloaded it last? With DocuWare, the information is at your fingertips with just a few clicks.

Transparency and traceability are two key benefits of DocuWare. Everything that happens to a document is visible. Regardless of whether it goes through a workflow or is "only" archived. 

DocuWare provides triple visibility through:

1.    Stamps and other annotations on the document
2.    Workflow history
3.    Document history

Stamps and other annotations on the document

A lot of additional information about a document is visible directly in the viewer. Annotations and stamps, whether set as part of workflows or individually, are stored on so-called annotation overlays. In the case of an invoice that has gone through an approval workflow, the workflow stamps make it easy to see at first glance who released it and to which cost center it was posted.

In the case of a draft contract, comments can be identified directly with highlights, text boxes, etc. Based on how it’s set up, different people can each use their own colors, so that it is immediately clear who has commented on what.

Document with annotations

Invoice with workflow stamp and other notes

To work with annotation overlays, check out our answers to the seven most common questions. 


Workflow history

For documents that go through a workflow, there is also a tabular overview of the workflow steps that have been completed so far. Here, in addition to the beginning and end of the workflow, all activities of users are listed with their name, result, plus date and time. By clicking on an entry in the list, details about the workflow step are displayed.

In addition to the workflow steps with user interaction, you can also view the automatic activities in the history. Read more about this in the article Track Workflow Steps.

Workflow History

To open a workflow history: For a document in the results list, use the context menu entry "History" and then the "Workflow" tab. From the task list, open the history via the context menu item "Open Workflow History."


Document history

In document history, every event from the time of its original storage is listed: Who saved the document in the file cabinet and when? Who changed which index entries and when? Who opened the document in the viewer and when – or sent it by email or added annotations in the viewer? Everything is visible here.

Document History

To open document history: In the context menu for the document, for example within the results list, click on the entry "History" and then on the "Document" tab. You need the archive right "View Document History", which is contained in the predefined archive profile "Owner".

In addition to document events, all activities at the file cabinet, organization, and system level are also logged. Security through traceability is a top priority at DocuWare.