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Essentials at a glance: Customize your results list

Essentials at a glance with custom results lists

Do you struggle to find important data points in your result lists because of space constraints and column overflow? Learn how to easily reorder or hide columns, you don't need to prioritize key data. 

From document type to date to status: As soon as you call up search results in the table view, DocuWare displays index values in designated columns that were assigned when a document was stored or edited. Which index fields are displayed is managed in DocuWare Administration.  

However, each user can change the order in which the index values are displayed or even hide columns to make the result lists easier to read and to adapt search returns to their business needs. 

How it works:

Hiding columns and changing the order – via “Profile & Settings” 

From the main menu of your DocuWare Client, go to "Profile & Settings" and select the "Search" tab. Go down to "Result Lists". Here you will see all the result lists assigned to you. Click on the plus sign in front of the desired result list to display the fields/columns it contains: 

1 Open Profile & Settings

You can deactivate unneeded columns by clicking on the eye and change the order of the columns by simply dragging and dropping the fields: 

2 Hide and change order

Changing column order and width directly in the results view 

If you only want to change the order in which the index values are displayed, you can also do so directly within the results list.  

For that, click on the top row of the column while holding down the left mouse button and drag it into the desired position.  

If a column width is very narrow or very wide, increase or decrease the width by holding down the left mouse button, clicking on the column boundary, and moving the mouse. 

3 Change order within Client


All changes made are visible only to the user who made them and are retained even after logout/login. An automatic reset to the original settings is not possible. 

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