Transfer, Synchronization, Workflow – What to Use When?

The Synchronization, Transfer and Request modules can be found within DocuWare configuration.

Your documents are securely stored in a DocuWare file cabinet and dynamic at the same time. That's not a contradictory statement: secure documents are regularly advanced with workflows, transferred to other file cabinets, or passed along outside of DocuWare. With these features, you can keep your documents moving.  
DocuWare offers numerous options for copying and forwarding documents to colleagues. Here‘s an overview:

  • Workflows. Documents that are further processed are automatically sent on to the next responsible employee in the chain within DocuWare.
  • Document Packages. With DocuWare Request you can forward stored documents to employees or partners/vendors outside of DocuWare. A browser is sent along in order to search and display documents without DocuWare.

With Transfer and Synchronization modules, you can copy or move documents from one file cabinet into another:

  • Synchronization. A Synchronization process keeps file cabinets on par. For example, the data of several branches of a company is synchronized with the file cabinet from their headquarters every night of the week, when the latest documents are transferred over. This also ensures that all branches have the latest forms and templates from the head office. Conversely, new customers captured at a branch are added to the central document pool.
  • Mass Transfer. While synchronization is conducted regularly, the Transfer module transfers documents once to another file cabinet; for example, if documents need to be moved from an on-premises system to a cloud file cabinet. In contrast to synchronization, a transfer can also transfer various versions of a document - provided version management is activated for the source and the target file cabinet. In addition, a filter query enables the precise selection of specific documents for transfer.  

To migrate documents within a file cabinet from one disk to another, administrators use the Document Tool – for example, if documents are moved to a read-only disk. 

The Synchronization, Transfer and Request modules can be found within DocuWare Configuration:

The Synchronization, Transfer and Request modules can be found within DocuWare configuration.


You can install Workflow Designer using DocuWare‘s Desktop Apps and then launch it from your Windows program folder.  

Find more information about the system architecture of DocuWare and security of DocuWare.


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