Checklist: More Money with Electronic Invoices

If you send invoices by email instead of paper it means more money for your company. Customers pay their bills faster and even better: it eliminates the high monthly costs associated with paper bills. Have a look at this checklist – and see how electronic invoicing can save more for you.

An archive filled with paper invoices can quickly fill shelves or filing cabinets. If you send out invoices by email, you free up space for more important things – like new employees or equipment. So instead of incurring costs, this new space can be used to generate more revenue.

Use Your Money for More Important Matters

The costs of paper invoicing – printing, stationery, postage and shipping – really add up. With email invoices, this money could instead be used for new hardware or software instead. Your e-invoices are also processed and paid much faster on the recipient’s end – which means you can use the received money much faster.

Prepared for Government Work

Government authorities are increasingly prepared for the electronic exchange of invoices. Many companies who work with the public sector have already switched to electronic invoicing.

Make sure you are ready for the future and switch to e-invoices. Please use this handy checklist to see how e-invoices can also unlock money in your company.


Checklist Invoices 



Topics: Accounting and Finance


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