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Intelligent Indexing licensing as a locally installed system

Intelligent Indexing on locally installed systems now requires third-party licensing, please note this for new customers. Read more

DocuWare SDK: Discontinuation of cookie authentication

With the launch of DocuWare version 7.8, oAuth2 authentication has been available for third-party applications, so it has been ready to use since ... Read more

Announcement: DocuWare as Tab in Microsoft Teams

With the update of the DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams planned for August 2023, users will be able to add DocuWare lists as tabs in their Teams ... Read more

Support for updating workflow links when changing domains ends on July 31, 2023

This news applies to DocuWare Cloud only: Previously, if you or your customer requested a change to the organization URL, DocuWare Support ... Read more

DocuWare Forms: Hide values from hidden fields also in merge forms

It is now possible (beginning with DocuWare v7.8) to determine whether content from fields that are hidden in the web form should be transferred to ... Read more

News from the Knowledge Center

If you use Make to connect your customers' cloud applications to DocuWare Cloud, it's worth taking a look at the DocuWare Knowledge Center. The ... Read more

Discontinuation of Oracle as a supported database for DocuWare

Reasons for the End-of-Life DocuWare has supported Oracle as a database for its on-premises installations for many years. Read more

Did you know? DocuWare connectivity is always evolving

As software products continually develop, it is only possible to support each version to a limited extent. This applies, in particular, to the ... Read more

Update Security FAQs

The updated DocuWare Security FAQs document has been updated to reflect our latest version. Each chapter, "Cloud" and "Organization," has been ... Read more

News from the DocuWare Knowledge Center

The Help Portal for DocuWare customers offers the following new help and instructions for DocuWare Version 7.8 continued: Read more

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