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Invite your contacts to DocuWare’s next webinar: Make invoice processing easier – How to simplify and automate your everyday AP processes

The next prospect-facing webinar is on Friday, October 13 at 11:00-11:30 a.m. EDT, titled “Make invoice processing easier – How to simplify and ... Read more

ISO 27001 and other certifications

DocuWare was certified for the first time by the new auditor OCG from Austria for the introduction and continuous improvement of its information ... Read more

Intelligent Indexing licensing as a locally installed system

Intelligent Indexing on locally installed systems now requires third-party licensing, please note this for new customers. Read more

DocuWare SDK: Discontinuation of cookie authentication

With the launch of DocuWare version 7.8, oAuth2 authentication has been available for third-party applications, so it has been ready to use since ... Read more

Deadlines at a glance: Certification renewal

In your My Account area “Manage people” you can now check the certification status of your employees in just a glance. Read more

Security FAQs Updated

In your sales pitches, we encourage you to actively play the “Security Issues” card. DocuWare is ready to answer any question from interested parties ... Read more

NEW resources & material to help you sell!

The People Management Insight Expert Report that was generated in partnership with DocuWare, covers which HR business trends will matter most in 2023 ... Read more

DocuWare Academy: VM Conversion and Recertification 2023

Migrating VM to Hyper-V As mentioned in previous editions of PartnerInfo, the VMs for training and presentations will be switched to Hyper-V with ... Read more

DocuWare named a Champion in User Survey Research

SoftwareReviews has released their latest Emotional Footprint research and named DocuWare a champion within the document management industry. This ... Read more

DocuWare Cloud version 7.9 - Release

What’s New in DocuWare version 7.9  This current release offers significant improvements for managing purchasing processes with DocuWare. Not only ... Read more

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