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DocuWare Cloud version 7.9 - Release

What’s New in DocuWare version 7.9  This current release offers significant improvements for managing purchasing processes with DocuWare. Not only ... Read more

DocuWare Cloud version 7.9 - Preview to DocuWare Partners

The upcoming release offers key improvements for the purchasing process with the help of DocuWare. Not only has the reconciliation of table data from ... Read more

Technology with a personality of its own - preparing for the DocuWare Cloud Update

Important reminder: with each DocuWare Cloud update, please remember to verify that your bookmark to DocuWare Cloud follows our guidelines, for ... Read more

What’s New in DocuWare version 7.8

To learn more about all the new features and typical application areas and their benefits, read What’s New in DocuWare version 7.8. This document ... Read more

DocuWare Cloud version 7.8 - Release

What’s new in DocuWare version 7.8 With this release, the DocuWare user experience is further enhanced. Read more

DocuWare Cloud version 7.8 - Preview to DocuWare Partners

What’s new in DocuWare version 7.8 Read more

Index data storage streamlined

Saving index data - optimized Starting with the release of DocuWare version 7.8 next spring, index data will only be saved when there is an actual ... Read more

Signature Service update

What's New in Signatures with Validated ID The following features are now available for all three signature types supported by DocuWare Remote, ... Read more

Update: Workflow Expression Parser

In DocuWare workflows, you can comprehensively edit and adapt data by using arithmetic expressions. Our recently updated documentation about our ... Read more

Discontinuation: Dell EMC Centera Support

Starting with DocuWare version 7.8, Dell EMC Centera / Dell EMC ECS devices are no longer supported as storage media for on-premises solutions. ... Read more

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