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Professional Services helps with Oracle database migration

If you have DocuWare on-premises customers who use Oracle as their database, they should be migrating to Microsoft SQL Server now. Here’s why: ... Read more

New OAuth authentication type for SMTP mail services available

To enhance the security of DocuWare systems, we now offer the OAuth2 authentication method to integrate Gmail and other SMTP-based mail systems. ... Read more

New: Power Automate Connector for DocuWare

In addition to the iPaaS Connector for, the connector for Microsoft Power Automate is now available. This means DocuWare Cloud can be ... Read more

Workflow: Attach document as a new option for web service activities

With the latest minor update to DocuWare version 7.10, Workflow Designer’s options have been expanded. Within the web service activity, you can now ... Read more

Self-Service Trial Activation for Intelligent Indexing

We are pleased to share that from now on, it will be easier for you to set up an Intelligent Indexing Service trial for on-premises customers. This ... Read more

Update of the DocuWare Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

The first update to the DocuWare Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, released in January 2024, is now available. The new version includes the following ... Read more and DocuWare

In April of this year, the start-up became part of the DocuWare family. Their Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities with ... Read more

Connect to Teams: Notifications for workflow tasks

With the latest update of the DocuWare app for Microsoft Teams, DocuWare Cloud users can opt to receive notifications about new workflow tasks via ... Read more

storageRobot and docXporter single-use licenses for on-premises

To process one-time projects of a larger import or export of documents and data to a DocuWare on-premises systems, special licenses of DocuWare ... Read more

Filter for Multi-column Select List in Tables

DocuWare Forms is once again enhancing its Table functionality. Starting on June 10, users will have the ability to add filters for column dropdowns ... Read more

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