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Connect to Teams: Notifications for workflow tasks

With the latest update of the DocuWare app for Microsoft Teams, DocuWare Cloud users can opt to receive notifications about new workflow tasks via ... Read more

Update of the DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams

The update, which was teased about in July, is now ready! The current app is available to all users in the Apps section of Microsoft Teams. Customers ... Read more

Announcement: DocuWare as Tab in Microsoft Teams

With the update of the DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams planned for August 2023, users will be able to add DocuWare lists as tabs in their Teams ... Read more

DocuWare App in Microsoft Teams

The DocuWare app in Microsoft Teams is now ready for the public. This is great news for companies wanting to integrate their daily platforms with ... Read more

New: DocuWare App in Microsoft Teams

With the new app, the DocuWare Connect to Teams interface now offers bidirectional integration. Besides sharing archived documents via a link in ... Read more

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