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Discontinuation of User Synchronization in DocuWare Administration

Since DocuWare version 7.0, user synchronization can be managed with the DocuWare User Synchronization Desktop App, for both on-premises and cloud ... Read more

Whitelist instructions to receive DocuWare news (Americas)

DocuWare sends important product news and policy updates that you should not be missing, via the PartnerInfo newsletter and direct email. To ensure ... Read more

Mark your calendars for these end-of-year order processing important dates (Americas)

Due to the holiday schedule for this year, we had to make some adjustments to the final dates for orders. The New Windsor office will be closed ... Read more

Securing your customer information

A very important tip to keep your customer’s information secure: this summer we had an intern calling our US ADPs to verify the contacts of your ... Read more

Whitelisting the delivery of PartnerInfo Newsletters

Email is a simple and efficient way to communicate but sending an email doesn’t automatically lead to its delivery. To receive our PartnerInfo, for ... Read more

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