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Smart Document Control: New Template – Many Use Cases

The out-of-the-box solution for Smart Document Control offers key functions for storing and retrieving business documents in a structured way, for ... Read more

New preconfigured solution for invoice processing available in French!

Starting from scratch for each project requires highly skilled Professional Services resources and long planning periods for implementation. However, ... Read more

Preconfigured solutions news (Americas)

News flash: How to find information on version releases and then scroll down to learn more about the new, simplified Smart Document Control Updates ... Read more

Smart Document Control: Faster start with latest version

DocuWare for Smart Document Control should be familiar to you as our preconfigured solution that helps prospects quickly benefit from a paperless ... Read more

🖥️ This month's prospect webinar: Smart Document Control – Going paperless is easier than you think…

The next prospect-facing webinar is on Friday, February 25, titled “Go paperless! Boost team productivity with a fast-to-install, user-friendly ... Read more

Smart Document Control: New invitation set for info seminars

With the preconfigured solution "DocuWare for Smart Document Control” (in French: "La GED collaborative clés en main"), you can implement a smart ... Read more

Common preconfigured solutions FAQs

How is the document action date used in the Smart Document Control solution? When storing documents, you can enter an Action Date in each of the DW - ... Read more

DocuWare for Smart Document Control – New web pages and PowerPoint

DocuWare for Smart Document Control gives companies an immediate entry point into a paperless office. It is also ideal for your webinars and live ... Read more

Preconfigured solutions news and resources

Manual and statement of work documents are updated and available for you from the Partner Resources web page. All links to this article can be found ... Read more

Go digital with our preconfigured solutions

There is no better way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 than by eliminating wasteful paper to help our environmental future. Read more

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