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There is no better way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 than by eliminating wasteful paper to help our environmental future.

Our preconfigured invoice processing solution covers a wide range of options to fit the customer’s requirements. The configuration helps reduce error prone manual data entry, eliminate paper, route invoices for fast approvals, and collect the data necessary for export. Individual elements of the invoice processing workflows, such as validation, invoice approvals, vendor onboarding, and the booking record can be quickly personalized to fit any business process.

Our preconfigured smart document control solution provides secure cloud storage for core business documents and enhances teamwork. Three simple access rights – read, edit, and own – can be assigned when a document is stored and easily edited later if necessary. Efficient task assignments and automatic notifications makes sure no deadlines are missed. Intelligent Indexing can be activated in just a few steps to automate the indexing data from documents. Plus, there are many other functions.

And our preconfigured solution for employee management provides sophisticated access permissions on all HR stored documents. It improves processes from recruiting and onboarding to separation by using automated workflows. Web forms for new hire documentation eliminates wasted time and redundant data entry. In addition, customers can automate the processes for performance reviews and time off management.

Save resources and keep the earth healthy – it’s a win-win.

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