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New preconfigured solutions available

Our four new preconfigured templates in the BASE category are: Invoice Processing, Contract Management, Travel Expenses, Employee Management (HR). ... Read more

DocuWare for Employee Management for US - New in 7.10T1 is a streamlined version Employee Management!

The new Employee Management 7.10T1 template simplifies the management of employee recruiting, onboarding, and provisioning. Read more

Smart Document Control: New Template – Many Use Cases

The out-of-the-box solution for Smart Document Control offers key functions for storing and retrieving business documents in a structured way, for ... Read more

New solution feature available in DocuWare for Invoice Processing (US version): Line-Item Reconciliation

The new version of DocuWare for Invoice Processing (US version) helps customers reconcile purchase orders with invoices and packing slips, down to ... Read more

Preconfigured Solution: Invoice Processing now with item reconciliation (UK and other countries)

The new version of our preconfigured solution DocuWare for Invoice Processing for UK & other countries helps customers reconcile invoices with ... Read more

DocuWare for Invoice Processing: New and updated How-tos

The How-to-Portal for the invoice processing preconfigured solution has been updated. Here’s a few of the new How-tos: Read more

New educational webinar for Partners (US)

By now, we hope you have heard about our new Partner Kit “Modern Invoice Processing Makes Wishes Come True”. To help launch this campaign and keep ... Read more

DocuWare for Employee Management: New marketing tools and website for UK and other countries available!

A configuration specifically designed for the UK and other English-speaking countries (other than the USA) has been available since the end of ... Read more

New educational webinar for Partners

Calling all DocuWare System Consultants (DSCs). We are hosting a new educational webinar on Modern Invoice Processing makes wishes come true – Hints ... Read more

DocuWare for Employee Management: New preconfigured solution for UK and other countries

In addition to the previous US solution for employee management, there is now a configuration specifically for the UK available which can be used for ... Read more

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