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DocuWare for Employee Management for US - New in 7.10T1 is a streamlined version Employee Management!

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The new Employee Management 7.10T1 template simplifies the management of employee recruiting, onboarding, and provisioning.

DocuWare’s new Employee Management Solution makes it easy for small and mid-sized businesses to securely store employee documents and modernize the onboarding process. Customers can easily complete a new hire requisition to post on job websites using simple forms. Forms also take the pain out of new employee enrollment.

New hire

Import a resume into the document tray and assign it to the appropriate manager for review. Set interview dates and times and reminder dates to never lose track of the perfect candidate. Send offer letters and securely store the executed letters. Send new employees a link to enter their information into a new employee master record.

Joe candidate

Once the new employee is ready to begin, the provisioning checklist form transforms the process of appointing equipment and other assets like laptops and access cards. The form dynamically expands based on departmental provisioning needs.

Provisioning checklist

Employees can access their employment records securely, and the HR department can quickly process new hires, all while being compliant with company standards.

Download the new Employee Management 7.10T1 template and Presentation Script from the Partner Resource page today to check it out!

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