What is a preconfigured cloud solution? 

A DocuWare preconfigured cloud solution is the DocuWare Cloud platform designed for specific business processes. The ready-to-use packages include file cabinets, user profiles, dialogs, workflows and more, removing all the complexity of implementation and is ready to deploy all in just days.

These solutions are available for Invoice Processing and Employee Management, both for the U.S. and German markets.

They are not "limited" versions of DocuWare; every preconfigured solution contains all of the features and functions of DocuWare Cloud with identical pricing and license model.

Are DocuWare preconfigured cloud solutions the same as DocuWare Kinetic Solutions?

Yes. When we launched our preconfigured solutions in 2018, we named them "DocuWare Kinetic Solutions". However, to simplify things we now just call them the preconfigured cloud solutions. The term "DocuWare Kinetic Solution" is no longer used.