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Persona Portfolio Expanded with Executive Assistant

A manager’s executive assistant acts as their right hand and supports them in all administrative and organizational matters. This also includes ... Read more

New Battlecard: Hyland OnBase

If you feel like a prospect has already spoken to Hyland, the new Battlecard will help you address both explicit and implicit questions. Take a look ... Read more

Target your sales efforts with new buyer persona

The Digital Transformation Manager is responsible for successfully leading a company into the digital future by driving the shift to digital ... Read more

New documents: support brochure, LinkedIn banner, finance e-book and French

Support brochure Use this brochure to explain how and when our support team is there for customers – to help close new deals and for inquiries from ... Read more

Partner Starter Kit (EMEA) – Starting successfully with DocuWare

For new DocuWare Partners, a brochure is now available with key information for successfully taking first steps with DocuWare. Some of the basic ... Read more

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