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Persona Portfolio Expanded with Executive Assistant

A manager’s executive assistant acts as their right hand and supports them in all administrative and organizational matters. This also includes creating the necessary foundations for the introduction of new processes and technologies.

Since the tasks sometimes differ, depending on the industry and location, we created two different personas for the same function: 

  • One for more traditional industries in rural areas (Susan Solver)
  • One for "modern" industries in urban centers (David Driver)

The new persona provides valuable insights into the mindset, needs, goals and challenges of an executive assistant. As a result, your marketing campaigns and sales pitches can be made even more targeted.

Our portfolio now comprises a total of seven buyer personas:

  • For smaller companies, the managing director Peter King as well as the two variants of executive assistant, Susan Solver and David Driver. 
  • For mid-sized businesses, CFO Mike Bucks, Head of Accounting Elisabeth Cash, Head of IT, Tim Tech, and Digital Transformation Manager Danielle Digital. 

Find the updated personas in the document pool (EN I IT) and the online Marketing & Sales Tool platform.

Further personas are already being planned.

Marion Kurtz

Written by Marion Kurtz

Product Marketing

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