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DocuWare for Employee Management for US - New in 7.10T1 is a streamlined version Employee Management!

The new Employee Management 7.10T1 template simplifies the management of employee recruiting, onboarding, and provisioning. Read more

DocuWare for Employee Management: New marketing tools and website for UK and other countries available!

A configuration specifically designed for the UK and other English-speaking countries (other than the USA) has been available since the end of ... Read more

DocuWare for Employee Management: New preconfigured solution for UK and other countries

In addition to the previous US solution for employee management, there is now a configuration specifically for the UK available which can be used for ... Read more

Invite your customers/prospects to this month's webinar

DocuWare for Employee Management (HR) Read more

Preconfigured solutions news and resources

Manual and statement of work documents are updated and available for you from the Partner Resources web page. All links to this article can be found ... Read more

Go digital with our preconfigured solutions

There is no better way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 than by eliminating wasteful paper to help our environmental future. Read more

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