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Manual and statement of work documents are updated and available for you from the Partner Resources web page. All links to this article can be found in PartnerInfo 306.

DocuWare for Electronic Signatures
Last month, we released a new preconfigured solution: DocuWare for Electronic Signature. It is a flexible solution for electronically signing documents using one of our supported e-signature service providers (Validated ID | DocuSign). These providers offer a host of different signature methods which can be integrated into a DocuWare workflow.

The template for the creation of new organizations is available via the Partner Portal. Since the solution configuration is fairly complex, we haven’t offered it as an independent solution for customers as a new organization from the DocuWare website.

The DWBUC file is available on the Partner Resources page. This will allow Partners to download the DWBUC file and import the configuration for signatures into an existing DocuWare 7.4 cloud organization. Documents can then be stored and signed via the signature solution file cabinet "SG–Documents."

It is also possible to use the solution with documents in an existing (different) file cabinet. The Configuration Guide contains the necessary modifications to use a different file cabinet name in an existing cloud organization.

A DWBUC file is also available for integration into on-premises installations. You can request it by contacting the Preconfigured Solutions Team at

In addition, the Partner Resources page provides you with marketing materials and configurations.

Recursos para la venta en España (Resources for Spanish sales)
We are proud to announce that our preconfigured solutions Partner Resources web page is now available in Spanish. You can find all the marketing materials as well as the DWBUC file for the Spanish version of DocuWare for Smart Document Control (Organización Inteligente de Documentos). The presentation script for this solution is also available in Spanish to add to your sales success.

New preconfigured solutions training courses offered
Visit the DocuWare Academy for our new invoice processing preconfigured solution trainings. These valuable sessions are designed to teach you how to succeed in selling this solution as well as develop an understanding of technical product details.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Basic information to provide a great sales presentation on the preconfigured invoice processing solution: why the solution is necessary, the important qualifying questions to ask, and a basic understanding of accounts payable so you can apply all this knowledge in a conversation with your prospect. You’ll learn how to demo the solution with the available workflow setting options and gain insights into the approval processes, chart of accounts, vendor master records, posting periods, data export, and more.

In the Technical insight on DocuWare for Invoice Processing course, you will learn how to create organizations, collect, and import data from your prospects, as well as to personalize the solution to meet their needs. You will also learn what changes you can make to the system and where you should be cautious, analysis of any modified processes and troubleshooting in the event of “unpredicted results.”

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