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DocuWare Cloud version 7.7 - Preview to DocuWare Partners

What’s new in DocuWare version 7.7 Read more

Data Centers: Updated Country Mapping for APAC

For DocuWare Cloud, various customers from the Asia-Pacific region are no longer assigned to the European data centers, but rather to ones located in ... Read more

Limiting results of Platform API search queries in the cloud

Large numbers of documents are often queried through the Platform API in DocuWare Cloud. This may adversely affect the performance of your own and ... Read more

Now live: DocuWare iPaaS Connector on Make

As announced at DocuWorld 2022, the first DocuWare iPaaS connector is now available on Make. Read more

Update: Authentication change for Connect to Mail with Exchange Online – on October 1, 2022

A while back (see PartnerInfo 286) we informed you about the discontinuation of standard authentication by Microsoft. There is now additional ... Read more

What’s New in DocuWare version 7.6

The current release offers a broad range of new features. The focus, as mentioned, is on better networking of people, devices and systems – because ... Read more

DocuWare Cloud version 7.6 - Release

What’s new in DocuWare version 7.6 Our latest release, version 7.6, offers a wide range of new features. Our development focus was once again on ... Read more

Perfectly answered RFQ/RFI on all aspects of security

We have looked at our sales data from 2021 and discovered that more and more customers ask us to fill out RFI or RFP documents before awarding ... Read more

DocuWare Cloud version 7.6 - Preview to DocuWare Partners

What’s new in DocuWare version 7.6 Read more

DocuWare Data Export Tool discontinued

The DocuWare Export module – on the market since summer 2021 – replaced the DocuWare Data Export Tool in terms of functionality and applications. ... Read more

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