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Oracle Migration: Join our pilot program starting now

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If you have DocuWare on-premises customers using Oracle, you might be interested in supporting a new pilot program for our migration tools. This is a rare opportunity to get more involved during the development process of a tool – and really optimize it for your customers.  

Please contact our Product Manager Oliver Norkauer to discuss your customer situation and find out what actions might be possible and best suited to you.

There are two migration tools: 

  1. The first tool is designed to assess an individual customer migration and to identify the scope and the variety of possible scenarios that the migration tool will encounter. The tool reads mostly meta data from an Oracle database (number of archives, documents and workflows, database connections, file connections, Oracle-specific SQL queries, etc.) and writes its findings into a file in a human-readable text format. This way you can verify that the result file does not contain any confidential or privacy-related information. The assessment tool needs read-only access to the DocuWare server and does not require downtime of the server. The resulting file should be sent to DocuWare by email. The tool is available in version 1.0.
  2. A migration tool automatically transfers existing data from an Oracle database to a Microsoft SQL Server database. The tool currently masters standard configurations. Customer installations, however, are more complex than the configurations in our testing lab.  

As a next step, we want to give a limited number of Partners the opportunity to optimize this tool for their customers. Of course, we will protect your customers' data in accordance with strict data protection regulations (if needed, we can guarantee this in a separate agreement). The migration tool is available in a beta version. It requires read-only access to a DocuWare 7.9 test system. For test purposes, its execution does not require downtime of the DocuWare server. 

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