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Product news

The following supports for DocuWare version 7.9 are available for you and your customers in the DocuWare Knowledge Center: 

Inserting Table Fields into Forms   
Customers can learn key details about configuring tables in forms.     

Workflow Designer: Overview of the Default Platform API  
Connection to the DocuWare platform is now integrated into the Workflow Designer by default. An overview of the preconfigured endpoints and required paths makes it even easier to access file cabinets and documents via API.   

iPaaS Connector: More Languages for Documentation  
The Make integration platform can be used to create workflows between cloud applications. The configuration guide is now also available in French, Spanish and Japanese.    

For DocuWare Partners and Administrators: Load Balancing in DocuWare  
Setup help for DocuWare On-Premises has been extended to include a configuration guide for load balancing in installations with multiple front-end servers.    

What's new  
Features of DocuWare version 7.9 are described with use cases and benefits.  

All white papers have also been updated.   

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