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Switch from cookie-based authentication to oAuth2, now!

Starting with DocuWare version 7.11, which is scheduled for September 2024, cookie-based authentication will no longer be possible for third-party applications. Be sure to use the time before your summer vacation to implement all the necessary changes for your customers. This also includes an update of the Connect to SAP interface for both cloud and on-premises customers.

Time is ticking... before you know it, DocuWare Release 7.11 will be here! At that point, it will no longer be possible for third-party applications to log in to DocuWare via cookie-based authentication so, you should be making the switch to oAuth2 for your customers now!

The login of the DocuWare desktop apps has been switched to oAuth2 with version 7.10. Here are some things to keep in mind for your customer systems:

DocuWare Connect to SAP

If your customers are using Connect to SAP, check the version of the locally installed interface. oAuth2 is supported from Connect to SAP version 2.4.12.

If your customers are using an earlier version, an update will need to be performed. This also applies to DocuWare Cloud customers because the interface is installed locally at the customer's premises.

Applications based on the .NET SDK

Applications based on the .NET SDK should be checked for the version of the .NET SDK in use and, if necessary, updated to the latest version of the .NET SDK.

Applications based on REST API

Applications that are built directly on top of the REST API will also need to be adapted. The login and authentication process must be changed. The documentation including the Postman Collection can be found at

Also, read: First discontinuation information on cookie authentication.

Consider: Implement the use of user agents

From September 2024, the use of user agents will also be mandatory when accessing DocuWare Cloud via the API. If you need to customize your own applications because of the change in authentication, implement the use of user agents to access the DocuWare Cloud API at the same time. 

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