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DocuWare SDK: Discontinuation of cookie authentication

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In order to further increase the security of DocuWare, we plan to change the authentication for third-party applications from the currently used cookie authentication to the modern and secure oAuth2 authentication in approximately one year. Third-party applications must be adapted accordingly by then.

With the launch of DocuWare version 7.8, oAuth2 authentication has been available for third-party applications, so it has been ready to use since April 2023. The functionality has also been included in the .NET SDK since version 13. 

Cookie authentication will still be usable with the current DocuWare version 7.9 and the next version (scheduled for Spring of 2024). But starting with the version planned for September 2024, cookie authentication will no longer be supported. All third-party applications that currently use cookie authentication must be adapted accordingly. 

What does this mean for third-party applications? 

  • Applications based on the .NET SDK should be checked for the version of the .NET SDK used and, if necessary, updated to the latest version of the .NET SDK.
  • Applications that are based directly on the REST API must be adapted in all cases. The login and authentication process must be changed. The documentation, including Postman Collection, can be found at

Where can I find documentation and sample code? 

Which applications are affected for myself and my customers? 

  • We already started tracking the use of cookie authentication in DocuWare Cloud. Over the next few months, we will begin informing you, as a Partner, that third-party applications are using cookie authentication to access your cloud organizations or your customers’ cloud organizations.

    If we do not receive feedback on individual customers, we will also contact customers directly at a later date (currently we are planning for the beginning of 2024) to ensure that third-party applications can continue to access DocuWare Cloud seamlessly.  

My application uses .NET SDK. What do I need to do so that it can continue to access DocuWare Cloud? 

  • Update to the latest .NET SDK (version 13) as soon as possible and distribute the update of your application to your customers.

My application uses REST API. What do I have to do so that they can continue to access DocuWare Cloud? 

  • Find out about the oauth2 authentication process on and implement it in your application. Then distribute the updated application to your customers.

What is the situation with DocuWare Desktop Apps? 

  • Some DocuWare Desktop Apps have already been converted to oAuth2; others will follow with the next releases. Please make sure that the desktop apps are installed in the latest version. This is especially true for Connect to Outlook, as this module has been up and down compatible so far.

What is the situation with DocuWare Cloud? 

  • As soon as an organization is updated to the version planned for September 2024, access via cookie authentication is no longer possible.

What is the situation with DocuWare on-premises installations? 

  • Since the update time can be chosen by the customer, there is no fixed date on which cookie authentication will no longer work for a customer.


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