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Intelligent Indexing licensing as a locally installed system

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Intelligent Indexing on locally installed systems now requires third-party licensing, please note this for new customers.

What has changed? 

For the on-premises operation of Intelligent Indexing, DocuWare has long relied on third-party software Mirantis Container Runtime, in which the Docker Containers from Intelligent Indexing run. Previously, this software was part of a Microsoft package used by DocuWare and could therefore be used by DocuWare customers at no additional cost. Microsoft no longer distributes the tool, so each customer must now purchase a license from Mirantis itself. Currently, the price for this license including support is $900 per year (price without guarantee). 

Who needs the license? 

  • New customers (installation of Intelligent Indexing from 5/1/2023)
  • Existing customers needing Mirantis Support 

Who is NOT affected? 

  • Existing customers who are already using the tool and do not need support or updates/upgrades
  • Existing customers running Intelligent Indexing on-premises on Linux
  • DocuWare on-premises customers using Intelligent Indexing as a cloud service

What do you need to do? 

  • Please inform interested parties of the additional costs associated with the on-premises variant of Intelligent Indexing. 
  • If you have existing customers who use Intelligent Indexing installed locally, please inform them of the changed conditions. Costs are only incurred for updating/upgrading the Mirantis software or for Mirantis support.

Contract documents

The documents that are relevant for your customers are: 

Further information and, if necessary, updated contract documents can be found here: Agreements & Terms from Mirantis.

The DocuWare price list was updated and sent to all Partners accordingly.


  1. Can a Partner resell the license to a customer or does the customer have to buy directly from the provider Mirantis?
    We recommend that customers purchase a license directly from Mirantis.  
    If a DocuWare Partner wants to act as a reseller, they should contact Mirantis for more information about their reseller conditions.

  2. If DocuWare customers have been using Intelligent Indexing and Mirantis Container Runtime for some time and now want to migrate the system to a new server machine, do they have to purchase a Mirantis license now?
    This is Mirantis’ response:
    “A customer can use their original, existing container download and binaries in perpetuity. As long as they are able to move the original binaries to the new server they will be fine. If they need to download new versions and binaries, then they would need to purchase new licenses accordingly. Example; should the new server hardware require new features/functions for compatibility they would need to purchase new licenses.”

  3. What should existing customers consider?
    Mirantis gives the following information:
    “The original download and binaries no longer receive fixes, patches, security updates, hardware updates, network updates, storage updates, 3rd party software updates, etc. A customer no longer has distribution, merger, acquisition rights as they expired with the Microsoft contract. Business changes like these require a new contract with Mirantis.”
  4. What is the situation when upgrading from Intelligent Indexing V1 to Intelligent Indexing V2?
    Intelligent Indexing Version 1 did not use Docker Containers, so the Mirantis Runtime Container software was not required. When switching to Intelligent Indexing Version 2, Mirantis Container Runtime must therefore be installed for the first time and is therefore also subject to licensing.  

    However, this should not be an obstacle to switching to the current version of Intelligent Indexing. Intelligent Indexing version 1 has not been supported for a long time, there are no updates, version 1 contains components that are now deprecated, and important features such as table detection are not included.   


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