Case Study: The Red Cross- Offering A Helping Hand

In addition to hundreds of volunteers, around 200 employees work for the German Red Cross in Ulm and 17,500 members support their work through donations. This might explain why they are faced with an overwhelming amount of records and paperwork. To simplify processing and archiving of over 65,000 documents every year, the Red Cross introduced DocuWare while consciously leaving proven workflows consciously in place.

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Up until the fall of 2012, their records were kept in binders on shelves, while older records made their way to fireproof cabinets in the cellar. Searches became more and more tedious. Considering that they processed over 35,000 invoices annually just for the Rescue Services Department alone, it’s a no wonder that valuable employee time was wasted here.

In a two-day workshop, they took their processes (which were charted on paper by their Quality Management Team) and translated them into ­DocuWare. Integration of the document management system into their existing IT landscape and its new configuration were quickly executed. Thanks to the product‘s intuitive use, employees were immediately able to start using DocuWare.

Today, all documents generated by their existing applications (such as invoicing system Swing, menu service manager Apetito and Microsoft Office) are immediately indexed and archived via DocuWare Printer. All mailed incoming A/P invoices are centrally scanned in the mailroom where they are automatically indexed using the Intelligent Indexing Service and then integrated into an invoice authorization workflow. Invoices coming in by email are also added to the process, stored in their original format. The management team and various departments - including the accounting department - are all tied into the authorization workflow. The process is markedly faster and far more transparent. They now avoid late fees and are taking advantage of early payment discounts. It’s also quick to find documents - so all that extra time can be used by employees for their core tasks.

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» We were amazed at how quickly and seamlessly we were able to implement everything.« Bernd Thierer, HR and Technology Director