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New case studies – We know you love them!
Denver Cold Storage & Denver Logistics serve hundreds of food manufacturers, providing temperature-controlled storage in freezers, coolers, or at ambient conditions. Their offerings extend to freight transport, order fulfillment, and specialized projects. “Before DocuWare, paper invoices circulated manually for approval, making tracking difficult. Now, we monitor our cash flow in real time, knowing precisely the location of each invoice.” Dustin Fisher, Director of Finance

Salco Products makes embedded hatch covers for railway hopper cars, a specialty product that allows ventilating cargo while in transport. “We went with DocuWare was for compliance reasons. We work a lot with the Federal Railroad Administration to keep track of documentation, and we must be able to quickly provide documents upon an audit. Not being able to find a document is a problem!” Jason Mohs, Global Compliance Engineer

IAM Advisory were seeking an ‘electronic filing cabinet’ which led to DocuWare. “We were going to spend thousands of dollars to try to build a custom solution for exactly what we needed. We were looking for an electronic filing cabinet and couldn’t find one. And then we found DocuWare which had exactly what we needed.” Holly Jinks, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner

M.H. EBY is a manufacturing company that migrated to DocuWare a couple years ago to maintain business continuity during the pandemic. The company’s primary goal at the time was to automate the Accounts Payable workflow. They have since expanded into other departments. “Once we started using DocuWare in the Accounts Payable Department, we recognized it would be just as effective in other areas of our business and save us just as much time. So, we decided to introduce it to our Manufacturing Department, and that really changed things.” Andy Derr, Operations Manager

Thank you for all your case study leads… if you want to be in on this great opportunity, please reach out to Case studies do not take up a lot of time and many customers enjoy sharing their success story.

Webinar recordings
We’ve recently held education webinars for our Partners. In case you missed any of these sessions, here are links so you can catch up.

New Products - storageRobot and docXporter
session with typical use-cases Link
Technical-oriented session with functionality and configuration Link
Product datasheets: DocuWare storageRobot | DocuWare docXporter

LinkedIn – How Tos
Personal profile Part 1 | Part 2
Company profile Part 1 | Part 2

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